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The War of Art

I am reading a book called “The War of Art”.  It is about resistance and how to overcome it.  It explains how any endeavour we set out to achieve, can be held back by resistance – in all its forms.  Until we have the discipline to push through, we remain stuck and unhappy. 

I found it fascinating – the processes we go to to limit ourselves – to limit what we can do in this life.  I wonder why we do that..  Wonder why we put ourselves into that space where we avoid doing things that will help us grow and help us find contentment..  Is it lack of courage?  Is it social conditioning? Is it the inability to accept that we are more than this physical body?  But, if that’s the case, then I struggle with not doing everything you can to make life wonderful.  If this is all there is and at the end of it – we are no longer, then why not make every second count?  Why care what other people think of us?  Why limit ourselves in any way?

You know – I think we are our own worst enemy.

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