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What if…

We realised that we are all connected.

We woke up to a world where there was total acceptance.  Where we lived side by side in peace and harmony.

We remembered who we really are.

Everyone practiced unconditional love.

We realised we were powerful beyond our wildest imagination.

There was nothing holding us back, except our own self imposed limitations.

– We awoke from the illusion of this world

What a beautiful world we could create.. How I yearn for that world.

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Time for bed


Pop the pill

designed to put you under

Read a book

while waiting for the effects

The first yawn – a sign

What a joy

The steady decline begins

The ever drooping eyelids – another sign

All words jumble into one – the ultimate sign

Turn off the light

Snuggle the pillow

Slight smile on face

preparing for oblivion


The first toss

That’s ok – its only one toss

Its purpose – comfort


The second toss

It’s still ok.. Patience…

The third, fourth & fifth toss..

And with them,

the dawning realisation that they will not be the last tonight.

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