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There is no such thing as a neutral thought..  Everything we think we apply a judgement to it… Good, bad, better, worse, etc etc…

Think of chocolate..  In itself, very neutral.. It is neither good nor bad, it just is…  Until we start thinking about it..  Yummmmm…  Fattening….  Pimple inducing… Yummmmm…  Sweet…  Gooooood…  Oh no – it’s going straight to my hips just thinking about it… Nourishing… Did I mention Yummmm?…  Comforting…      You get the idea!

I wonder what our world would look like if we stopped making judgements and just accepted what is…

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Forgiveness..  Interesting concept…

What happens when you don’t forgive?  I know what happens to me..  A part of me shrivels up & dies or creates another hard layer of my psyche that is difficult to shift..  And the more I try to push it aside, more & more of my life force/energy gets eaten away until I am left with just a smidgen of what I could be…

Is that any way to live? Is that any way to be?

You are only hurting yourself when you do not forgive..

What I am learning now, is that I can easily forgive other people – so much so that my mother believes me to be an “easy target” and my children think I am weak and need protecting!  (What they don’t understand (at the moment) is that it is a tough road to follow – to pull yourself up when you perceive an attack and let it go.  Which is quite different to ignoring or avoiding a situation.)

However, when it comes to me, I am having great difficulty…  It seems that I have a tendency to be really hard on myself and expect a great deal from myself.  When I fall short of those expectations, I do not forgive, I just give myself a hard time…  No loving thoughts coming my way from me!!

Why is that?

I guess I don’t need to know why…  I just need to learn..  Learn to be loving towards myself..  Learn to offer myself the same advice as I would offer my friends…  Learn to forgive myself..

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Sometimes, Life has a way of beating you..  Of knocking you to the ground..  Of kicking you while you are down there..  Of holding you in a place of deep despair..

Sometimes, Life sucks..  People die.. People leave.. Money becomes scarce..  Jobs are lost.. 

Sometimes, Life is crap.. Arguments are had with the people you care most about..  Children suddenly become teenagers (a whole series of posts in itself!).. You run over a kangaroo..

Sometimes, Life is so horrible you just want to be out of it.. You allow your mind to control you..  You become trapped in an inner world where nothing holds any meaning, any joy..

Well… Shit happens..

It’s up to us on how we deal with whatever comes our way..  It’s up to us to change the way we view the so called negative experiences of life..  It’s up to us to create our own reality in the way we look at life..  It’s up to us to find our joy.. To find our purpose..

There is nothing holding us back, except ourselves and our self imposed limitations..

We have a choice to make..  We can let Life beat us (which is ok – as long as its a conscious choice) or we can search for the lessons, learn them and move on – change the way we think..

And from my own personal experience, I’m choosing the latter – it’s a tough path – a constant battle between the forces inside.  There are days where the negativity wins out – there are days where I am full to the brim of the excitement of life – where I can look at a flower and think how amazing it is – and there are many in between days.

What is becoming more constant for me now though, is acceptance..  Acceptance that if I happen to have a day that’s not so great – rather than judging myself for the “fall off the wagon” – I now tell myself, it’s ok – I’m ok..  “This too shall pass” is becoming my mantra..

The other thing that is happening – the other thing I can now access whenever I want to (remember to/choose to is probably more like it!) is Unconditional Love..  To feel that love is sublime..  It brings tears to my eyes.. 

A definition of Unconditional Love – “To love without expectation of return..”.  To be able to offer yourself that love would have to be one of the greatest gifts – and once you can do that sustainably – you are ready for an even greater gift – to offer it to everyone else..

Hmmm..  My version of Utopia!

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What if…

We realised that we are all connected.

We woke up to a world where there was total acceptance.  Where we lived side by side in peace and harmony.

We remembered who we really are.

Everyone practiced unconditional love.

We realised we were powerful beyond our wildest imagination.

There was nothing holding us back, except our own self imposed limitations.

– We awoke from the illusion of this world

What a beautiful world we could create.. How I yearn for that world.

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I feel like I am missing something..

I keep searching and searching and still it is missing..

What is it?  Is it a sense of purpose? Is it a sense of self? Is it a sense of not knowing what this life is all about?

Well..  Whatever it is, I feel its pull..  Guiding me in my search for answers..  Not letting me rest until I really know what it is..  Not letting me settle for a mediocre life (which at this point – it pretty much is!!)..

I think once you begin this process – this self questioning, there is no turning back.  You have to see it through til the very end. 

My thirst for knowledge has increased exponentially.  My want to connect to a higher source of being has become my driver.  I am awakening from a self imposed slumber and sometimes that can be a very scary thing – yet at the same time – wonderfully exhilerating. 

The world is full of possibilities if you become open to them.  If you can get past your conditioning and become truly open in a loving and accepting way – wow, what a way to live..  And I want to truly live my life, in that way – open, loving, accepting, finding wonder in small things, creating a life that I love.  I don’t want to end up on my death bed and find I have regrets.

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