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What is love?  Love for a partner?  I feel it so completely with him (the look into the eyes and nothing else matters) – and yet – it continually brings me to my knees..  My need for him is intense.. The joy I experience when I’m with him incomparable..  And yet – it is gone.  Again, it is gone – just wiped away – placed into the too hard basket!  

The pain I never realised I could experience, continues – the crying – unabated.

Lost love – something I would not wish for on my worst enemy.

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I feel like I am missing something..

I keep searching and searching and still it is missing..

What is it?  Is it a sense of purpose? Is it a sense of self? Is it a sense of not knowing what this life is all about?

Well..  Whatever it is, I feel its pull..  Guiding me in my search for answers..  Not letting me rest until I really know what it is..  Not letting me settle for a mediocre life (which at this point – it pretty much is!!)..

I think once you begin this process – this self questioning, there is no turning back.  You have to see it through til the very end. 

My thirst for knowledge has increased exponentially.  My want to connect to a higher source of being has become my driver.  I am awakening from a self imposed slumber and sometimes that can be a very scary thing – yet at the same time – wonderfully exhilerating. 

The world is full of possibilities if you become open to them.  If you can get past your conditioning and become truly open in a loving and accepting way – wow, what a way to live..  And I want to truly live my life, in that way – open, loving, accepting, finding wonder in small things, creating a life that I love.  I don’t want to end up on my death bed and find I have regrets.

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