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I can’t believe it’s been sooo long since I’ve posted anything.. I’ve been missing everyone!

I have been unbelievably busy rehearsing for the play that opened on Thursday night.  Yes!! Opening night is over – woo hoo!! And I made it through – I didn’t forget my lines – I didn’t fall apart at the seams (although, it did feel like I would leading up to the event..).. 

I really had forgotten how much I love the experience of amateur theatre.. I love the rehearsing, the camaraderie that is created, the learning of lines, the getting out of my comfort zone, the only things that I am still a little (oh, ok.. A LOT) nervous about are the actual performances and all that is required from you (like curtain calls & the meet & greet afterwards).. 

There have been so many memorable moments – both on stage & off.. There have been times where I have laughed so much, my cheeks were sore.. There have been times when I have been so embarrassed I just wanted to slink away.. There have been times where I have been so exhausted, I thought I would collapse in a heap..  And then there have been the times where I felt completely at home with a cast and crew of over 13 people from all different walks of life..

Oooh.. I also had my very first radio interview the other day (on the play) – So all in all, even though my “normal” life has been pushed aside over the last few months – it has been and is continuing to be a wonderful experience.. I will be forever grateful for being part of it..

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Well..   They’ve finally started – rehearsals!  Woo hoo!  I’m so glad that I didn’t begin learning my lines before they started.. Because, now I’m playing a different part.. My new character is sooo boring – yes, she’s on stage most of the play – but she is boring..  I’m hoping I’ve got it wrong – that the director will take me to one side and explain the character to me like he did the original one, and that she turns out to be quite cool – Hmmm..  Well, I gotta live with some hope!!

My week has gone from busy 2 nights a week to rehearsals Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays – Basketball for Tuesday (me) & Wednesday (Alex)..  How cool..  I loooove being busy..  And, at some stage (soon I hope) rehearsals will begin for the 10 minute play I’m in..

Ooohh.. I’m also working on a new creative project which is so much fun..  I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to be working with someone else on a creative project.  We both bring totally different skills to it (luckily, he is more disciplined than I am – so keeps me on track); we work in harmony; we expand on each other’s ideas until we are clear about where the story is heading; we work together to ensure agreement on our base principals; he didn’t balk at me when I wanted to incorporate a love story and my version of Utopia!  What more could I ask for!

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When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So, what the hell, leap!

Cynthia Heimel

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So so cute.. (& Hiliarious..)

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My beautiful friend Candy posted this in her blog..  I thought I would copy her..

It is truly inspirational for anyone over 40..  I just love it..


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Audition Results..

Wow..  What an interesting process auditions are..

We (Shannon & I) arrived at the theatre at 1.00pm ready for the readings of the 10 minute plays..  Originally Shannon was going to audition for one of the plays – but when we got there and saw how many people were there – she just wanted to leave straight away!  I talked her into staying at least and then talked her into working as either backstage or front of house crew..  When the time came for the play she was going to audition for, Paula asked her to read the part – you should have seen her glare at me – daggers were thrown in my direction – golden teenager moment! – And I, I had to stifle the giggles that were threatening to overtake me…  Now, you have to understand a little bit about Shannon – she is very shy (no, not at home & not for anyone visiting our home!) – she will not even read in front of her class..  So to have read a part in a play in the company of over 20 people she had never met before was a huge deal for her.  I was so proud of her for facing that fear..  By the time we left, she had decided to actually audition for the part!  Woo hoo..  So so proud!  She is pushing through some of her comfort zones!!

I arrive back at the theatre (after taking the girls home, so they don’t have to sit through the auditions for the other play).  There are friendly faces, but no-one I know..  So, I fill out my form (would be chewing my nails if I actually had any left by this stage!).  The director calls my name and off I trot into the auditioning area..  He looks at me, then at his notes – then asks what role I was there for – I told him that I had no idea, I thought he would tell me!  He stared at me for a minute (like I was some kind of alien..), before saying “that’s good” in an accent which I can’t pick..

He told me he wanted me to read for the part of Phillipa – a shy, panicky seamstress (not a very good one – judging by the costumes that end up falling off people!).  I read for it, he asked me to do it again in a more panicked voice – I did..  He asked me to come back on Thursday because he wanted me as Phillipa!  Woo Hoo!!! 

He then asked me how old I was – “41” I replied – once again he gives me the “look”..  “Honestly” I say – “why would I lie about that?”  He gives me the look again and tells me I have to start shaving 20 years off my age (Phillipa is in her early 20’s).  Hmmmm…  I’ve got to tell you – I walked out of there on cloud nine..  – I’m so excited because its only a small role, which means I’m not stressing about learning a lot of lines which is absolutely perfect because I haven’t done any acting in over 20 years..

I also signed up for a role in one of the 10 minute plays.. 

I’m going to be busy..  Yay!  Bring it on!!!

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On a more positive note..

I have decided to take action in my life.. 

To fill my life up with things I like to do..  Now trying to figure out what I like to do has been pretty tricky, considering I lost myself so completely, but parts of me that have been long hidden (and I mean looooong) are beginning to re-emerge.. 

My starting point was to go back to things that I enjoyed doing when I was oh so young.. (& Yes, I can remember back that far!!).  I loved creative writing – acting – photography – dancing – power tools – pulling machinery apart & putting it back together – metaphysics – tarot – numerology – reading –  (I know.. I know.. – eclectic might begin to describe it).. 

Hmmm…  Where does that leave me?


  • I’ve started a book that has been in my mind for over 10 years..
  • I joined a basketball team (don’t quite know where that fits in – apart from sooo much fun!!)
  • I’m auditioning for a couple of plays at the local theatre..
  • I’ve joined a group that meets every Thursday night – we discuss all sorts of topics from metaphysics to dancing..  (Great bunch of people).
  • I’m dancing every Wednesday night – hmmm – attempting to go every Wednesday..

That’s for starters..  I think that’s probably where it will end as well, because the rest of my life has to fit in somewhere as well..  Like raising 3 gorgeous daughters and running my business…

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My paperweight..

Originally uploaded by Fibi 8

Full size..

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My paperweight..

Originally uploaded by Fibi 8

Finally arrived from the Canberra Glassworks.. Woo Hoo!!

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I need to get out of my own little pity party..  I need to take action to release the negativity that is swelling up inside me, threatening to take over my very soul..  I know I have the choice to do this, I know it is within my power to do this..  I know I have the tools at my disposal to accomplish this..   Why then, am I still here?  Has it become a habit, an addiction to pain?  Is it because in my pain, I have cut myself off from the source?  Or is it simply self-sabotage?

I have no idea..

What I do know is that I want to be me again.. I want to feel complete and whole within myself..  I want to experience life, and joy again..  I want to find the small things in life wonderful again – I want to jump up and down, do cartwheels (even when I get so dizzy I think I’m going to pass out!), dance in the rain, I want to have fun, I want to find meaning in an insane world, I want to feel connected to the flow of the universe.. 

And so, the battle will continue to be waged – I’m just hoping that the pain will not win out – that I don’t simply shut down..  That would be my worst nightmare!

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