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There is no such thing as a neutral thought..  Everything we think we apply a judgement to it… Good, bad, better, worse, etc etc…

Think of chocolate..  In itself, very neutral.. It is neither good nor bad, it just is…  Until we start thinking about it..  Yummmmm…  Fattening….  Pimple inducing… Yummmmm…  Sweet…  Gooooood…  Oh no – it’s going straight to my hips just thinking about it… Nourishing… Did I mention Yummmm?…  Comforting…      You get the idea!

I wonder what our world would look like if we stopped making judgements and just accepted what is…

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I find it fascinating how a group of people can read the same quote and all find different meanings in the words..

Let me explain.. It was my turn to hold our monthly women’s group meeting on Saturday.  The women involved in this group are all talented, creative, independent thinkers, have the courage for self exploration and are leaders in their chosen field.  Everyone comes from extremely different backgrounds and all have very different experiences in life, and yet, the group works..

Part of our discussion revolved around this quote:

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Martin Luther King Jr

There were 7 women at this meeting and the quote affected each one in a unique way.  No two women had the same interpretation..

Anywhere from guilt at having neglected friends, to likening “enemies” to the “mind”, to how amazing it is to have friends that you can be silent with, to my version which was that people need to stand up for what they believe in and not to live in fear of what will happen if they do..

Same words, different meanings for everyone present..

Diversity in all its glory – gotta love it!

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I can’t believe it’s been sooo long since I’ve posted anything.. I’ve been missing everyone!

I have been unbelievably busy rehearsing for the play that opened on Thursday night.  Yes!! Opening night is over – woo hoo!! And I made it through – I didn’t forget my lines – I didn’t fall apart at the seams (although, it did feel like I would leading up to the event..).. 

I really had forgotten how much I love the experience of amateur theatre.. I love the rehearsing, the camaraderie that is created, the learning of lines, the getting out of my comfort zone, the only things that I am still a little (oh, ok.. A LOT) nervous about are the actual performances and all that is required from you (like curtain calls & the meet & greet afterwards).. 

There have been so many memorable moments – both on stage & off.. There have been times where I have laughed so much, my cheeks were sore.. There have been times when I have been so embarrassed I just wanted to slink away.. There have been times where I have been so exhausted, I thought I would collapse in a heap..  And then there have been the times where I felt completely at home with a cast and crew of over 13 people from all different walks of life..

Oooh.. I also had my very first radio interview the other day (on the play) – So all in all, even though my “normal” life has been pushed aside over the last few months – it has been and is continuing to be a wonderful experience.. I will be forever grateful for being part of it..

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My beautiful friend Candy posted this in her blog..  I thought I would copy her..

It is truly inspirational for anyone over 40..  I just love it..


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I just got back after spending the weekend with my brother-in-law and his wife in Canberra..  What a wonderful, nurturing time I had.. 

It began late Friday afternoon with my brother-in-law presenting himself at the airport to pick me up.  A quick ride in the car to the Yacht Club, a civilised G&T while sitting in really comfy chairs overlooking the lake and engaging in heart-to-heart conversation.  I unloaded all my heartache, disappointment, fear, terror, as well as my complete connection and total love for a certain person – he sat, listened, empathised, gave me a man’s perspective (being someone who had to deal with a lot of guilt about leaving his children to be with my sister) and reminded me that I have resilience – that no matter what has occured in my life – I have always got up, dusted myself off and got on the ride again – that I have always had an energy / childlike wonderment for life that will see me through.  That he could still see the inner me – mischievous with a  love for life & experience made me cry – because I certainly haven’t felt like that for such a long time, and the fact that he could still see it, means that I can access it.. 

We talked about my sister, the things she used to do to him, how much she meant to him – the heartache as we watched her die – and even though the heartache was so great for him – he never once regretted his decision to be with her (I think the one regret he had regarding her was that he took so long to make his mind up to be with her and put her through hell and back during that time).  He was so happy to have had the priviledge of marrying her, to have been with her even for such a short time – for him it was all worth it, because she was the love of his life.   We wondered what she would be like now – 16 years down the track – what her relationship would have been like with her son..  I can’t begin to tell you how much that conversation meant to me – I haven’t talked to him for so long (not through anything bad happening – just life taking us in seperate directions) – I’d forgotten that we share a connection that can never be broken.  We laughed – a lot and we cried!  How truly lucky I am!

Then back to his place for a lovely dinner and more fantastic conversation. 

Saturday begins with croissants and hot chocolate (he remembers that I don’t drink coffee!!).  Then the itinerary for the day is planned.. A trip to Canberra Glassworks, then the Degas exhibition, lunch then possibly another exhibition.

Off we go!!  Canberra Glassworks was amazing – I have always found glasswork to be fascinating – but I have never actually experienced it first hand..  Here, you get to sit and watch as the artists make amazing things out of glass.  I noticed that people (looked like students) were coming and going with regularity.  Hmmm.. I wondered if it was possible to do that – I ran downstairs to the reception area and enquired – I got the last available slot for the day!!  Yay!!  So so excited..  As it was for later that afternoon, we went off the see the Degas Exhibition.  I must say, for me, it was a disappointment.  I think there was only one or two paintings that actually inspired me, the rest were dull and lifeless (but, as I know virtually nothing about art, don’t take my word for it!).  Time to go back the the glassworks..

Oh my..  what an experience…  The heat from the furnaces was so intense, I was sweating within seconds of entering..  But fun – oh, so much fun!  It is an amazing medium to work with – the guys make it look so easy – but, when they give you a go, you realise how inept you are.  My teachers were great – full of life and mischief (both of them) – making jokes, sharing knowledge – it’s made me want to go back and do the weekend workshop.

Fiona in Canberra Glassworks  Glassworks  016

I haven’t got a clear photo of the finished product – but I receive it late next week, so will post then..

After that experience, I couldn’t stop smiling for hours – I was like a little kid – hyperactive – talkative – doing little jumps (well.. not quite – but my inner child certainly was!).  Before we left, my brother in law and his wife bought the most exquiste cocktail glasses made by Tom Rowney – I wish I had taken a photo of them – they were just divine.. 

Back home to a scrumptious curry and stir fry complete with Cosmopolitans in the new glasses (which I thought was extremely brave – I think I would have used them as art pieces – never to be used – especially by me and extra especially by me coupled with alcohol!)..  More talking, watching some tv, before fading quickly in light of the above mentioned Cosmos..

Then on the airplane first thing this morning..

I felt so nurtured and so supported.  It was a beautiful experience – and once again I feel so very very lucky..

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