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I had an “Aha” moment the other day – while a friend was describing how to practice “Heart Radiance” (something that has taken him over 20 years and so many varied and interesting journeys to develop)..

I’m going to attempt to capture my moment in words – I’m not sure how successful I will be, but, here goes:

Even though we are all connected – all part of the one source..  We are here on individual journeys..  Journeys that contribute to the whole.. 

All the self help books out there, the ones that give us the 1,2,3 answers to make us happier, wealhtier, more fulfilled, etc etc may work for the people that created them – because they found their path – their answers to the questions in their lives. 

But, unless you can actually find your own path – the key to your own happiness – anything you try will not be sustainable.  That all the help in the world is still someone else’s journey – parts may be valid for you – but, not the whole.  Nothing external to yourself is sustainable. 

It is only in finding yourself that the lessons you learn there become complete.

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