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My beautiful friend Candy posted this in her blog..  I thought I would copy her..

It is truly inspirational for anyone over 40..  I just love it..


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On a more positive note..

I have decided to take action in my life.. 

To fill my life up with things I like to do..  Now trying to figure out what I like to do has been pretty tricky, considering I lost myself so completely, but parts of me that have been long hidden (and I mean looooong) are beginning to re-emerge.. 

My starting point was to go back to things that I enjoyed doing when I was oh so young.. (& Yes, I can remember back that far!!).  I loved creative writing – acting – photography – dancing – power tools – pulling machinery apart & putting it back together – metaphysics – tarot – numerology – reading –  (I know.. I know.. – eclectic might begin to describe it).. 

Hmmm…  Where does that leave me?


  • I’ve started a book that has been in my mind for over 10 years..
  • I joined a basketball team (don’t quite know where that fits in – apart from sooo much fun!!)
  • I’m auditioning for a couple of plays at the local theatre..
  • I’ve joined a group that meets every Thursday night – we discuss all sorts of topics from metaphysics to dancing..  (Great bunch of people).
  • I’m dancing every Wednesday night – hmmm – attempting to go every Wednesday..

That’s for starters..  I think that’s probably where it will end as well, because the rest of my life has to fit in somewhere as well..  Like raising 3 gorgeous daughters and running my business…

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What a wonderful way to exercise – to meet people – to lose yourself in the music..

Gotta love it

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