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These bushfires have been the worst in Australian History..

Tragedies abound.. Which I have spoken of and which I do not want to detract from..

However, what is happening now, lifts my spirits..

Communities – cities – states – the whole nation are joining together to do anything they can to help..  People all over the country are watching the news and thinking to themselves “What can I do?”..  There are too many volunteers  (they are having to turn people away) – too many things donated (they’ve asked for no more food or clothing) .. In the huge economic uncertainty at the moment – over $31 million dollars has been donated..  People are opening up their homes to others that have lost everything.. 

The Nation’s heart has been opened and it is truly uplifting..  It provides me with hope – it proves to me that we are not a people of “everyone for themselves” – we are a caring, loving people who will do everything in our power to help others..

It’s going to be a long hard road back, but, with the support of the country, it won’t be a lonely one..

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