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Audition Results..

Wow..  What an interesting process auditions are..

We (Shannon & I) arrived at the theatre at 1.00pm ready for the readings of the 10 minute plays..  Originally Shannon was going to audition for one of the plays – but when we got there and saw how many people were there – she just wanted to leave straight away!  I talked her into staying at least and then talked her into working as either backstage or front of house crew..  When the time came for the play she was going to audition for, Paula asked her to read the part – you should have seen her glare at me – daggers were thrown in my direction – golden teenager moment! – And I, I had to stifle the giggles that were threatening to overtake me…  Now, you have to understand a little bit about Shannon – she is very shy (no, not at home & not for anyone visiting our home!) – she will not even read in front of her class..  So to have read a part in a play in the company of over 20 people she had never met before was a huge deal for her.  I was so proud of her for facing that fear..  By the time we left, she had decided to actually audition for the part!  Woo hoo..  So so proud!  She is pushing through some of her comfort zones!!

I arrive back at the theatre (after taking the girls home, so they don’t have to sit through the auditions for the other play).  There are friendly faces, but no-one I know..  So, I fill out my form (would be chewing my nails if I actually had any left by this stage!).  The director calls my name and off I trot into the auditioning area..  He looks at me, then at his notes – then asks what role I was there for – I told him that I had no idea, I thought he would tell me!  He stared at me for a minute (like I was some kind of alien..), before saying “that’s good” in an accent which I can’t pick..

He told me he wanted me to read for the part of Phillipa – a shy, panicky seamstress (not a very good one – judging by the costumes that end up falling off people!).  I read for it, he asked me to do it again in a more panicked voice – I did..  He asked me to come back on Thursday because he wanted me as Phillipa!  Woo Hoo!!! 

He then asked me how old I was – “41” I replied – once again he gives me the “look”..  “Honestly” I say – “why would I lie about that?”  He gives me the look again and tells me I have to start shaving 20 years off my age (Phillipa is in her early 20’s).  Hmmmm…  I’ve got to tell you – I walked out of there on cloud nine..  – I’m so excited because its only a small role, which means I’m not stressing about learning a lot of lines which is absolutely perfect because I haven’t done any acting in over 20 years..

I also signed up for a role in one of the 10 minute plays.. 

I’m going to be busy..  Yay!  Bring it on!!!

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